How is it Beneficial?

Being an amazon seller you encounter issues in terms of your listing content by third party sellers who may try to hijack your listing. You can avoid this with the help of amazon brand registry.

Once you become owner of your brand, you get access to the tools that may help you to protect your trademark, and other listing contents such as images and written content.

Amazon brand registry allows a seller to sell their product with their private label. It also helps in keeping your brand safe and promotes brand awareness.

More than 50,000 brands on amazon are registered with brand registry and the reported infringement cases are less as compared to before the launch of brand registry.

Variety of Benefits

Brand Protection

When your account is brand registered, you can promote it which can also help you to protect your trademark. No one can use your logo and sell their products because you own the brand.

Increased sales

One of the several benefits of getting your brand registered is that you can see a visible change in conversion rate and sale volume as amazon removes fraudulent listings that are using your brand name.

Advanced tools

Amazon gives you access to many advanced search tools when you are brand registered. It makes managing your account easier as you can keep a track of any issue that may arise.

Content expansion

Once you are brand registered seller on amazon you can make your listing look more professional by adding Enhanced brand content. This feature gives you advantage over other sellers who are not brand registered.

urBranch Brand Registry Services

We at urbranch offer brand registry services that may help you register your brand on amazon. The services include:

  1. Setting up your account for brand registry on your behalf
  2. Providing proof of your brand name and ownership of your trademark to amazon
  3. Identifying and reporting any fraudulent listings which are using your brand name and trademark
  4. Fixing the issues that may arise in the process of brand registry
  5. Correcting the products that are not automatically enrolled

Positive Results

Urbranch specialists would make the process of brand registry easier which take the huge responsibility off your shoulders. We will protect your brand and make it more secure by thoroughly keeping in check and report any violations on amazon.

  1. Full control over your brand
  2. Access to special features such as Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)
  3. Increased sale velocity

Get Your Brand Registered on Amazon

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