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Shopping is a sensory experience and taking customer to the shopping cart is a tough job. It takes whole lot of effort from keyword research to listing optimization to stunning images and an engaging content to finally push the customer to buy your product.

Copywriting is just like installing pictures in readers mind to make him imagine using your product. Just like a good story can create imagination in the mind of the viewer, a copy writer can make the product come alive in the eyes of the reader. A good copywriting can help in building the customer’s trust and confidence which finally results in increased sales. If copywriting is the battlefield, no one can fight better than us!

Scrutinizing buyer’s shopping behavior

Understanding what a customer is exactly looking for when he is buying a product is key to maximize your marketing skills. Sellers need to understand what the demands and needs of the shoppers are and what do they expect while shopping.

We invest time to identify and understand the buyer’s shopping journey on amazon. Starting from the very first click and which words he type in the search bar to what decision he could make while reading about a product, we investigate everything. We strive to provide you the best copywriting that appeals both emotions and logic to increase conversions and sales on amazon.

What Copywriting Includes

Our priority is creating a fresh and creative content which will drive more customers to buy your product. A well-crafted and concise message can build the trust of your potential customers and lead to increased sale and profit.

At urbranch, our team of professionals has been exceling in every department including the following:

  1. Product title
  2. Bullet points
  3. Product description
  4. Backend search terms 
A+ Content or Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)

There is no doubt that title bullet points and description paly a viral role in a listing but your competitors are looking for better ways to provide an in depth knowledge of their brand and products to their customers.

We at urbranch create a stunning representation of your brand and products. The customized templates for A+ content and enhanced brand content are available and we use the one which suits best for your product. You can visit our page of A+ content and amazon Enhanced brand content for further details.

What Copywriting includes

Keyword research

We do an extensive keyword research using the best tools available. We’ll research and find out what customers type most in the search bar when they are looking for a product like you have. Our goal is to incorporate the best and important keywords in your listing.

Product title

After doing an in-depth keyword research, it’s time to make the most out of it by using the most important keywords in the title. A title is the first thing after image that a customer look at while purchasing a product. We craft the title in way that it appeals to both amazon and buyers.

Bullet points

You want to give the customers every bit of information that they need, right? Bullet points are the only thing where a buyer can possibly come to check for key features of your product. We ensure to include the essential information along with important keywords to rank on amazon.


Detailed information along with catchy sentences is another approach to catch the eye of a customer. A well-written description enriched with keywords can meet the standards of both amazon and your potential customers.

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