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What is FBA? You have two options for shipment on Amazon as a seller. FBM (fulfillment by Merchant) & FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). FBM allows you to ship your merchandise yourself. You can pack the item and can send it to your customers through your own courier option. You would need to have a warehouse space to fulfil this job.


FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) allows you to pay Amazon and let it control all the shipment. You would need to determine the amount of inventory you want to store at Amazon Fulfillment Center. You will pack and send the items to Amazon fulfillment centers and they will repack them and will ship them to the customers through their own service and also will provide customer support on the product.

There is another option available, known as “Seller Fulfilled Prime” (SFP). SFP allows a seller to fulfil the shipment by self but they are awarded by the Amazon with “Prime Badge”. Isn’t it attractive? Sellers are the responsible to ship the order within two days and the shipment policies are strict. If the seller is successfully fulfilling this strict shipping deadline requirement then he is going to be awarded by this badge.

How to get Started with FBA

1. Get Started 

FBA can be easily added to the existing Amazon seller account. If you don’t have an account, urBranch team is ready to take that responsibility and to fulfil it with efficiency.

3. Move to FBA

Moving to FBA from FBM demands some conditions to be fulfilled. First of all your product would need to pass a dangerous goods review process. To make Amazon classify your product, you would need to provide few documentation like SDS and exemption sheet etc. if Amazon doesn’t allow your product then there are few different chances or ways to apply for the same products on Amazon.

2. Generate your product listings

If you have not listed your product on Amazon yet, you can add your products one at a time or in bulk. You can add products by integrating your inventory management software with Amazon’s API.

4. Prepare your products

FBA fulfillment center is responsible to transport your product safely and securely to your customers. That is why your products need to be prepared properly for shipment to an FBA fulfillment.  Do you need supplies? urBranch team will help you determine what requirements are there for getting approved from Amazon for FBA.

5.Ship your products to Amazon

urBranch will help you to create a shipping plan, help you to have a carrier partner and to ship and track your product to Amazon Fulfillment Centers. Online seller tools are available for Amazon’s sellers that can help you to go through the all required steps of the whole process.

6. Order delivery and Customer Support

Every single customer who orders your product will be treated by Amazon. Amazon will provide efficient, fast and sometimes free shipping to the customers. Fulfillment by Amazon doesn’t end here. Once the product is delivered, Amazon will handle your entire customer inquiries, refunds and returns for orders related to your FBA product. The service is available for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Benefits of FBA

Effortless shipping

No hassle of picking, packing and shipping your products as Amazon handles it all

Save your time

Managing inventory and orders demand manpower. With FBA program you don’t have to hire anyone for managing your inventory which is a time consuming process

Build customers trust

Amazon is providing excellent customer service 24/7 through e-mails and chats. It has a huge impact on customer satisfaction as customers trust on Amazon

Return management

Returns and replacements are fully controlled by Amazon itself which takes huge load off your shoulders. You don’t have to handle annoyed customers

Unlimited storage

Amazon provides unlimited storage space in Amazon’s warehouses for any type and size of the product. It also keeps your product organized and safe


Worldwide delivery

Amazon has hundreds of fulfillment centers across the world. FBA delivers your products anywhere no matter where your customer is.

Lower shipping rates

Amazon FBA also gives discounts to sellers in the form of lower shipping rates. Free shipping is granted if your products are light weight and small which drives more customers as they enjoy fast and free delivery

More sales

Winning the buy box is easier as customers trust on FBA which results in more sales

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