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Success on amazon is highly based on the customer’s experiences. Like any other online selling platform, amazon also allows its customers to share their shopping experiences through feedbacks and reviews. It is very important for a seller to maintain a good relationship with the customers to avoid any issues that may occur due to any negligence.

Maintaining a good number of positive reviews can result in higher ranking.

Put Your Customers First

You can maximise the chance of leaving the buyer happy and satisfied by doing the following:

  1. An automated e-mail being sent to the buyer for every purchase he makes with you
  2. Quick response to each and every query of the customer
  3. Giving the buyer confidence to let you know if something is wrong and resolving it as soon as possible
  4. Talk politely to the unsatisfied customer and do whatever its take to give him the best shopping experience

To rank higher on amazon a seller must minimise the chance of leaving a customer dissatisfied and unhappy which can lead to bad reviews. We at urBranch have a team of best customer support representatives and we will do the best possible. We provide all the tips and tricks to manage your customer service and improve it further by applying proven methods.

What a Good Seller can Do?

  1. Minimize the chance of customer’s dissatisfaction
  2. Focus on getting positive reviews
  3. Be as responsive as possible to the issues and queries
  4. Resolve any issue that may occur in timely manners
  5. Always aspire to achieve Customer’s satisfaction rather thanfocusing on your Competitors. 

    To get a higher rank on amazon the seller has to win the battle of providing best customer service on amazon.

    1. Always look for the opportunity to make turn negative feedbacks into positive ones
    2. Feedback and reviews of customers play a vital role in increased sale volume
    3. Convert a negative customer experience into a positive one
    4. Maintain a positive reputation of your brand
    5. Higher chance of getting the buy box

    Urbranch is name of professional team working to excel in each and every department.

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