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EBC is a premium content feature for registered sellers on amazon to modify their product description with enhanced images and text placement. This is a more effective and efficient way for sellers or vendors to showcase their product in an interesting and eye catching way. An accurate representation of your brand is only possible if you add a crisp to your text along with attractive lifestyles images of your product in a best way possible. This feature allows you to present your product in a way that it pushes a potential customer to click on the buy button.

A successful listing on amazon does not only rely on the keyword research. In the end, your product can sell only if it appeals the customer. You have to get in the customer’s head to make him trust and buy your product. He would not look at how much keywords you have used but how you have used them and if they are providing the information he is looking for or not. Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) provides an Ariel view of your brand and the product you are selling. You can add important and exceptional features of you product that might result in higher conversion rate.

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Get to know if you really are getting that Enhanced Brand Content what your products and company needs.

Image Editing

Professional graphics Designing can provide a super positive perception of seller & Product.


We Write engaging and thriving product titles, descriptions and product features to create buyer motivation

Enhanced Brand Content

We will design professional and beautiful Enhanced Brand Content for all of your Products.

Account Management

We List products, We help You rank Higher, We help you Increase your product Conversion Rate.


We optimize your product listing and description to convert the viewers into potential buyers.

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Urbranch will make a stunning representation of your brand which can result in the following:

  • Attract and motivate the customers at first glance
  • Engaging the buyer through lifestyle pictures
  • Provide a thorough detail that the buyer might have missed in the features
  • Give buyer new ideas about the usage of a specific product
  • Your brand advertisement as a registered seller
  • Key words behind every picture would boost up the ranking
  • Generate high traffic to increase conversion rate