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Selling on amazon is not an easy job. Understanding each and every step requires a whole lot of effort on the seller’s part. There are many different sides of selling on amazon which requires a complete understanding and knowledge such as product hunting, account opening, product listing and optimization, inventory management and much more.

Amazon is continuously changing its rules and regulation making them stricter day by day. It is difficult for a new seller to understand a vague or imprecise document on his own. The seller support offered by amazon is inconsistent and varies from one seller support member to the next making it harder for a newbie on amazon.

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Any other source of help on internet such as blog, articles, or help forums could be confusing as selling experience varies from person to person. Relying on such information and applying new strategies everyday could be harmful for your listings which may result in account suspension.

Our experts at urbranch are keeping themselves up to date with amazon’s policies and other documentation. We will help you setup your account on amazon without any hassle while educating you at each and every step once your start selling. We will teach you how to go through each and every step according to amazon’s requirements in less time than you would take if you do it by yourself.

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