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Amazon storefront is an advanced way for the sellers to sell their products and add a new flare to their brand. You have to stand out in the crowed world of e-commerce among your competitors by showcasing your brand in a different way. It can only be achieved by building an attractive storefront that urbranch is already excelling at.

To win the customer’s loyalty, amazon allows its sellers to create a brand story for your products that can result in more sale volume as well as a great shopping experience for customers. At urbranch we will establish a perfect storefront using the attractive and sharp multimedia content, trendy layouts, and aesthetic lifestyle imagery with perfect display of your catalogue to give a unique style to your brand.

What do you need to know about storefront 

Amazon stores are splash of colours for old and dull brands pages having limited capabilities. Storefront work similarly as Enhanced brand content (EBC) providing easy to use templates that can be customized according to your choice. Now you can create a complete business hub in a very short span of time having a lot to show and win the trust of your customers. It’s the perfect time to setup your own store front as the brand pages have been eliminated from amazon.

Eligibility criteria for amazon storefronts

If you are familiar with amazon Enhanced brand content (EBC), then you must know that amazon offer some extra opportunities to its registered seller or vendors. An amazon seller with at least one registered brand is eligible for this feature. If you want to know about whether you qualify for amazon storefronts or not, you can simply check by heading to your amazon store page. There you can have a look on Amazon store eligibility and can also view a list of your brands that qualify for this feature.

Why should you build a storefront?

It is essential for any seller and brand with registered trademark to build their Amazon storefront to not only protect their brand but also gain organic traffic and escalate amazon sales. Amazon store front is entirely free for sellers and vendors who want to engage their customers by building a unique brand page. This service allows you to get more of your existing products by presenting them in different categories.

A seller or vendor can get the following benefits by building their storefront:

  1. You can categorize your products to sort them out in an organized way.
  2. Each product that you are selling would have its own story.
  3. Awareness of your brand and your brand story.
  4. Showcase the unique features of your products in an interesting way.
  5. Protect your brands and increase sales.
  6. A complete insight of daily visits and views.

What we can do for you

Creating a compelling content

  • Our professionals at urbranch would highlight the unique features of your product.
  • A comprehensive detail of the products to understand them completely
  • An accurate display of your company’s unique features, and product catalogue

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