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Determining what makes one sales listing perform better than another, even when the products are similar, can seem like a daunting task – especially for the everyday business owner who may not be familiar with all the intricacies and nuances of the Amazon algorithm.

However, there are tools, best practices and gold standard case studies that urBranch uses to optimize Amazon listings on your behalf. Use of these practices typically results in listings that rank consistently higher and convert views to sales more effectively than listings that do not utilize great photos or videos.

Amazon Listing Optimization  We Strive Your Business

Do You want to increase your conversion Rate? Amazon listing optimization will help your keywords ranking higher in the market. What do you exactly get by increasing customer conversion rate? Two very important benefits for your listings and business.

  1. Optimized listings increase sales and revenue -If you have healthy content, it has abilities to lead your listing towards higher conversions and sales even if the number of visitors to your listing are same
  2. More Sale More Traffic generation on Listing -If your listing is converting more customers, Amazon actively rewards your listing. Amazon ranks your listing higher and the number of impressions of your listing is increased. The results are pleasant. Your listing is seen by more shoppers and your product listing produce greater sales. 

We know what type of Listing Amazon and Your Customers want to see

Amazon believes in “Customers Come First” theory. Amazon works on the strategies that ensure that shoppers or customers are getting exact listings they are searching for. So you can say that Amazon is a buyer-based search engine too. They work on providing big range of goods to the big range of consumers.

The most interesting part is that Amazon’s favourite listings are actually the customers’ favourite listings. It means, the most famous listing among customers is the most successful listing and obviously the sale velocity and conversion on that listing is higher and better than the others. Amazon likes those listings because they are not only making profits for seller but also for Amazon.

There is a designed algorithm and SEO practices working behind the listings and Amazon rewards those listings that land exactly on its standards. Sellers are provided with many key content areas by Amazon to optimize their listings and products in efficient way. These areas contain title place, bullet point area, product description area, and spaces for photography, videos, A+ and Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) and back-end search terms.

The science behind more consumers’ attention grabbing content is simple but technical as well. When the above mentioned areas are done with full expertise, then product listing starts getting conversions organically. There are factors that help each area to elevate the listing fast and well.

  1. Research on product and the most valuable keywords plays an important role in reaching maximum consumers and to get maximum conversions.
  2. Secondly, a clear and simple piece of writing can grab more customers and can make them force to engage with the listing and to convert. So the product description can play a vital role in appealing more visitors.
  3. Videos and photography are two most important and attention grabbing sources. Informative and eye-snatching lifestyle photographs can enhance the customers’ interest in the product.
  4. A+ Content and EBC Enhanced Brand Content is a major source of formatting your product listing in a compelling way.

These techniques are the best practices to develop a listing that cannot only fulfils the requirements of consumers but also attracts Amazon.

Keywords Research-

The Bread and Butter of Amazon Listing Optimization

The base of the product listing must be very strong and logical to get best results later. Keywords are like the spinal cord of your listing. If you are using relevant strong keywords, your listing is going to stand well on its own feet. This practice leads to higher rank as well as great conversion. If the base is not strong then definitely your product listing is going to be vanished from the surface of Amazon product pages.

urBranch team is dedicated to provide complete support to create a listing that is developed on the strong foundations and can grow fast and well.

Now the question is how we do this job? We conduct a detailed search engine optimization (SEO) analysis to dig the best keywords for your product listing. We will go deep down in research to grab the seed words out that are commonly and mostly used by the shoppers on Amazon. We have a team of professional copywriters that are responsible to turn these keywords into impressive piece of writing that can hit the eyes of consumers too. After that you are ready to rock the market.

Copywriting – fabricating and Crafting the product listing in a Strategic way

Most of the sellers ignore the importance of content and cannot lift their listing on Amazon at all. Content is the only and strongest way to interact with the consumers. Content is the main source of higher ranking and conversion. urBranch content writing team comes in when your listing content needs to be optimized in proper effective way.

Our Amazon Copywriters are dedicated to spend their most of the time on research and digging best and utmost keywords to be used in their content to get a boost at very first glance. We have so many products listings that gained first page landing position within short time. Our Amazon copywriters are up to date on Amazon’s copy guidelines and restrictions. All these expertise help them to create a strategic and effective content that attracts both the Consumer and the Amazon algorithm.

Our writers are available to create a charm and appeal to your listings with:   

  1. Product title – This is the first part of your listing shoppers will see. We carefully craft every title to entice shoppers click while incorporating you most important keywords
  2. Product features/bullet points – Informative, concise bullet points give visitors a quick overview of your product. Many shoppers never look beyond the bullets to your product description, so this content is crucial driving conversions
  3. Product descriptions – We utilize your product description to elaborate on the information in your title and bullets and give consumers a complete synopsis of your product while maximizing keyword usage
  4. Backend search terms – We comb through our keyword analysis to identify your most important terms and properly format them for Amazon’s backend