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Image Editing

Amazon Image Editing & Product Main Image

An Image speaks a thousands words. When it goes to an e-commerce platform it becomes the major source of Marketing. When you are selling online and the product is not physically infront of the buyer then it needs to be visualized for the customer. Images are the only sourceto make best visual idea for the customers and can make them buy the product. Here you definitely need enticing images of your product to make product sell.

urBranch graphic designers team is expert in providing professionally edited, customized and creative  images by using the cutting-edge techniques. Our graphic designers are not only expert in using top-notch editing softwares but also have creative minds to fill the gaps that an original image have.Why urBranch is the best option for Image editing? We are experts that are economical as well.

A glance over tricks and techniques that we use

  1. We make sure that main picture of the product should be as outstanding as possible
  2. Main image with 255 RGB white background as per amazon image policy
  3. High resolution image with 1500×1500 pixels with 72DPI that can be zoomed in and out for a better visibility
  4. A well-lit and bright product image from all angles highlighting the details
  5. Enticing lifestyle images that goes with the product’s nature and benefits
  6. Unique ideas to the customers by showing them usages of your product
  7. Image Info graphics which highlights the important properties of the product

We will make you stand out

Our image editors at urbranch are putting in maximum effort to make each and every product as unique as possible

We offer:

  1. Main product picture with white background
  2. Stunning infographics to highlight the details
  3. Lifestyle photos to appeal the buyer’s emotion
  4. Short video to stand out among competitors (For vendors only)
 Why do you need to have a perfect image?

When customers land on your store page, their attention gravitates to your images first and, if they like what they see, they keep on browsing and, hopefully, make a purchase. That is why product photography is essential to the success of any ecommerce operation. A perfect image should speak what is written with it as a description. Your main image should be powerful enough to push the potential customer to click on your product which can result in high CTR. So accomplish that and leap ahead of your competitors in the world of e-commerce.